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BCSO Foundation, Deputy Bill Smith Memorial

bcsofoundation Bill Smith

Sheriff Mack PhotoWelcome to the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office official website. I am pleased you have visited our site and hope you find it informative. It has been my honor to serve as your Sheriff since 2007. 

The Baldwin County Sheriff's   Office  was founded in 1809 and is the principal law   enforcement agency in Baldwin County. The Sheriff's Office  provides law enforcement services to the people of Baldwin County through the Law Enforcement Command,   Corrections Command, and Pre-Trial Release and Community Corrections Command.

One of the primary duties of Sheriff 's in Alabama is to act as an officer of the courts. The Sheriff is responsible for service of court papers and documents. The Sheriff also maintains the Baldwin County Sheriff's Corrections Center; where up to a total of 649 inmates may be housed.

As your Sheriff, I pledge to provide you the best possible service through highly trained, confident, concerned and qualified personnel. 

Vision Statement: The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office will continue to grow, adapt, and evolve as we continue to provide the highest level of professional service and protection to all residents and visitors of our county. 

Mission Statement: All members of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office are committed to earning the trust of all people with integrity and respect and to have the courage to uphold the law with professionalism and fairness.
I hope you take a few moments to navigate through the various links and pages of our website. Also, you can follow us on Facebook.   If you have any further questions, please contact us @ 251-937-0210. 

Thank you,
Sheriff of Baldwin County 

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