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Professional Standards 

The Division of Professional Standards was developed to set guidelines and higher standards for the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office employees. These standards hold the BCSO employee accountable to higher values in regards to responsibilities and behavior on and off the job.  Whether a civilian employee or sworn officer of the law, BCSO employees are expected to conduct their behavior in a fair and respectable manner at all times. Baldwin County citizens expect honest, responsible, respectable law enforcement employees in this county. 
We are truthful in our words and in our actions.

The Division of Professional Standards receives processes, supervises and controls investigations regarding employees.

The Division of Professional Standards is also tasked with ensuring that misconduct allegations made against employees are thoroughly investigated while maintaining objectivity by gathering all pertinent information in a professional manner. 

Mission  All members of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office are committed to earning
the trust of all people with integrity and respect and to have the courage to 
uphold the law with professionalism and fairness.
Vision The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office will continue to grow, adapt, and evolve
as we continue to provide the highest level of professional service and 
protection to all residents and visitors of our county.


If you would like to acknowledge a Sheriff's Office employee's performance, please complete one of the following, Merit or Complaint Forms and forward to mgaull@baldwincountyal.gov

 LT. Michael Gaull 

(251) 937-0202 or (251) 972-6802
(251) 580-2516

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