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Corrections Center Rules

Inmate Phone Calls

The service provider for inmate telephone calls is ICSolutions.

You can also call their toll-free customer service center @ 1-888-506-8407
Collect Calling allows inmates to place calls to telephone number. if you accept a collect call from an inmate, the cost of that call will be billed as a line item on your next regular phone bill as "Billed on behalf of ICSolutions". 

The mailing address to send mail to an Inmate is as follows;
Baldwin County Sheriff's Corrections Center
Inmate (name goes here)  MNI #
200 Hand Ave.
Bay Minette, AL 36507


All written incoming non-privileged mail must be on a metered postcard (no postage stamps) no larger than 4”x 6” in dimension and written in blue or black ink only. No embellishments, colored inks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, etc., will be accepted.

The following must be present as the return address on all correspondence addressed to the inmate while incarcerated at the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Corrections Center: Sender’s First and last name, Complete Mailing address, City, State and Zip Code

Return addresses must be hand written in blue or black ink only. No colored inks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, stamps, stickers etc., will be accepted.

Inmates may receive photograph postcards no larger than 4”x 6” in dimension. These photograph postcards must meet the same standards as all other non-privileged incoming mail.

Metered (no postage stamps) postcards for outgoing non-privileged mail will be available for purchase from the Center’s Commissary and will be no larger than 4”x 6” in dimension.

The following must be used as the inmate’s return address on all correspondence: Inmate’s full name, MNI #, 200 Hand Avenue, Bay Minette, AL 36507

Privileged incoming mail is correspondence which is not subject to censorship.

Inmates will be disciplined for intentional use of legal mail as a device to avoid inspection and censorship. This includes inclusion of non-legal material in outgoing mail stated as being ‘Legal Correspondence’

As a matter of security and safety of all persons concerned, all incoming and outgoing mail is subject to visual and/or contact search/inspection.

As of the approval date of this Policy, inmate mail already in the possession of any active inmate at the Center may be retained for the duration of their stay. All inmates fall under the preceding guidelines as of the effective date of this policy going forward.

. Money may be sent to during an inmates confinement. Money can be sent in three different forms.

1.  The Baldwin County Sheriff's Corrections Center has a Kiosk located in the Public Docket Lobby and the Visitation Lobby which can accept cash or credit/debit cards for deposit into an inmates account. 
2. You can also log into JailATM.com 24 hrs a day to send money or send a care package.   

All are Secure forms of Deposit. (Fees apply to each)


          1. Jail's location and name of facility
          (Baldwin County Sheriff's Corrections Center--Baldwin County, Al)
           2.Inmate First and Last Name
           3. Inmate's ID Number
           4. Your billing address and credit card information

PACKAGES. Packages to the inmates are not authorized.

BOOKS, MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS. An inmate may be allowed to receive one (1) newspaper per day and to retain the same amount daily. Newspapers must not be hoarded. They must be thrown away the day after they are received. Outdated newspapers will be considered contraband and disposed. All newspapers must be sent directly from the publisher. They may receive and retain one (1) magazine subscription per inmate provided it is received directly from the publisher through the U.S. Postal System. Soft bound books may be received as long as they come from a bookstore through the U.S. Postal System and are inspected by the Center's staff. Inmates may retain, or have in their possession, a maximum of three (3) soft bound books.

In addition to the three books authorized, inmates may have one (1) religious book (Bible, Holy Koran, etc.). This does not count as one of the three books authorized. All others will be confiscated and disposed of at the Center's discretion. Each book may not exceed 1.5 pounds in weight. Hard bound books or used books are not authorized and will be returned to sender. Bibles may be requested from mail officer and will count as one of the four books allowed. Soft bound novels are available weekly via the Center's book cart. The inmate will be allowed to check out one book at a time on the book cart.  

BOOKS and MAGAZINES with suggestive or explicit covers or content, or which promote violence, racial divide, hatred of any specific group, sexually suggestive, or any other content that is deemed detrimental to the orderly running of the Center will be denied.

(251) 937-0202 or (251) 972-6802
(251) 580-2516

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