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The Sheriff's Office has implemented multiple alternative community-based sentencing programs within the Community Corrections Division

Unlike traditional incarceration, it is critical to the success of Community Corrections that attorneys and the clients they represent, understand the limitations of Community Corrections and thereby help to assure Community Corrections remains a viable program available to clients. Not every eligible client is a good match for the program and efforts to include an unsuitable offender will only hamper the future of the program for other future clients.


First of all, Community Corrections is a privilege that may be offered to eligible clients. Clients will need to understand that many factors contribute to whether a person is considered or not. Simply meeting the statutory restrictions is only the first step but other criteria is also considered, such as prior criminal history, work history, and other factors that would suggest an ability to be successful in the respective program.

By statute, the following individuals are NOT ELIGIBLE:

  • Crimes involving violence (including murder, kidnapping, arson, assault or has demonstrated a pattern of violent behavior)
  • Any sex crime (including rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, forcible sex crimes, lewd and lascivious acts upon a child)
  • Any narcotics possession for sale (including selling or trafficking of a controlled substance)

In addition, any offender with a history of any of the above offenses, even if never charged or convicted, is not eligible to participate, (i.e. may consider other acts not resulting in a conviction or criminal charges and the behavior of the offender while in state or county confinement).

Costs and fees:

Second, there are costs associated with participation in the Community Corrections Program. The Community Corrections Program is created with the goal of reducing taxpayer costs associated with traditional incarceration. To accomplish that goal, the offender pays fees and costs that supplement the program when assigned to Community Corrections. In return, the offender can keep or obtain gainful employment and enjoy some restricted freedoms in lieu of the job loss and separation from family that usually accompanies traditional confinement in the county jail.

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