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New MAIL Policy for Inmates

Date Published: Jan 23, 2018

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Corrections Center


All written incoming non-privileged mail must be on a metered postcard (no postage stamps) no larger than 4”x 6” in dimension and written in blue or black ink only. No embellishments, colored inks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, etc., will be accepted.

The following must be present as the return address on all correspondence addressed to the inmate while incarcerated at the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Corrections Center: Sender’s First and last name, Complete Mailing address, City, State and Zip Code

Return addresses must be hand written in blue or black ink only. No colored inks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, stamps, stickers etc., will be accepted.

Inmates may receive photograph postcards no larger than 4”x 6” in dimension. These photograph postcards must meet the same standards as all other non-privileged incoming mail.

Metered (no postage stamps) postcards for outgoing non-privileged mail will be available for purchase from the Center’s Commissary and will be no larger than 4”x6” in dimension.

The following must be used as the inmate’s return address on all correspondence: Inmate’s full name, MNI #, 200 Hand Avenue, Bay Minette, AL 36507

Privileged incoming mail is correspondence which is not subject to censorship.

Inmates will be disciplined for intentional use of legal mail as a device to avoid inspection and censorship. This includes inclusion of non-legal material in outgoing mail stated as being ‘Legal Correspondence’

As a matter of security and safety of all persons concerned, all incoming and outgoing mail is subject to visual and/or contact search/inspection.

As of the approval date of this Policy, inmate mail already in the possession of any active inmate at the Center may be retained for the duration of their stay. All inmates fall under the preceding guidelines as of the effective date of this policy going forward.

(251) 937-0202 or (251) 972-6802
(251) 580-2516

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