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Shining Star Camps

  • About Shining Star Camp 2018 and Fee Information

Shining Star Camp Online Application 

First and Last Name
Zip Code
Child's Age

Best number to reach you
If applicable
Best number to reach you
Number and Street

Complete Address #2 below only if Parent / Guardian #2 has a separate address then Parent #1.
Number and Street

Shirts must be picked up the morning of camp. Camp Shirts are REQUIRED to be worn to attend the camp. This is also used as a safety measure during the camp to determine campers present. Therefore, please allow for an extra 30 minutes to drop off your child the first morning of which ever camp your child is attending. They will receive two shirts and can change at camp:
Agreement Required**

Release for Video / Image and Transport Authorization
By allowing your child to participate in the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Shining Star Camp you are giving the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office exclusive rights to all images &/or video captured of your child while participating in Camp activities. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office has the right to print, publish and/or share any images &/or video of your child.
Authorization Digital Signature**

Authorization to Transport
By allowing your child to participate in the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Shining Star Camp you are giving the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office permission to transport your child via bus to any facility or event deemed part of the camp activities. Please note proper pick up times and locations for each day and they are subject to change. Rockwell, Central Baldwin, and Fairhope campers will be bused back to school campuses for pick-up by 4:45pm. Baldwin County High campers will pick up at Strike City Lanes in Bay Minette no later than 4:45.
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* * Camper may bring no more than $10 for snacks and/or video games on Bowling / Skating Day. Each Camper is to keep up with their own money. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for lost or stolen money.* *

Medical Information / Authorization Form
Emergency Contacts / Check out list (besides parents)

Are you allergic to horses?
Physical Conditions



Any medications currently being taken?

* * *
Please take notice that the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Shining Star Camp is staffed by volunteer staff members from our agency. We are not able to assign staff members to each individual camper to meet one-on-one supervision needs. Therefore, any camper that possesses any prospective behavioral issues or requires closely monitored one-on-one supervision must be accompanied by that applicants guardian at all times. The guardian must also pass a criminal background check to accompany the camper and must be present at all times to care for the camper. One-on-one supervision needs or behavioral issues must be disclosed to the camp director upon submission of the application. Failure to do so may result in refusal of admittance. * * *
Please type in your initials that you have read and understand the statements above with regards to behavioral and supervision needs and will comply accordingly.


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In consideration of my child’s participation in this activity, I hereby release and discharge the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, Baldwin County Public School’s employees and staff to include staff from Baldwin County High School, Fairhope Intermediate School, Rockwell Elementary School, Central Baldwin Middle School, any city or county employee or any selected volunteer, presenter, or any individual Deputy Sheriff/ or Police Officer from any and all liability arising from accident, injury or illness that (he/she) may suffer as a result of participation in this program. I understand that I do not have to sign this waiver, but by not doing so my child will not be able to participate in the program.
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**$30.00 fee can be mailed to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, Attention Ms. Tracey Jones, 310 Hand Avenue Bay Minette Alabama 36507. Please make checks payable to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Foundation , Include the Child's name and camp date. Questions? Call Tracey Jones at (251) 972-6890. You can also drop off the payment to the following drop off locations:
·  For Rockwell Elementary Camp, by June 6th @ Robertsdale Sheriff’s Office Annex II (Regions Bank , 2nd floor)
·  For Baldwin County High Camp, by July 11th @ Main Sheriff’s Office
·  For Central Baldwin Middle Camp, by July 18th @ Robertsdale Sheriff’s Office Annex II (Regions Bank , 2nd floor)
·  Fairhope Intermediate School, by July 25th @ Fairhope Sheriff’s Office

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(251) 937-0202 or (251) 972-6802
(251) 580-2516

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